iOS: Introducing Stack Views Programmatically

As your iOS development skill is growing, I believe you use UIScrollView, UICollectionView, UITableView, and other native views regularly and proficiently in your applications. Yet, some iOS developers still don’t know what exactly UIStackView is, what it uses for or in which situation should we use UIStackView.
In this tutorial, I will introduce you to UIStackView - A view helps us to simplify our iOS layouts.

Let’s imagine you’re going to build an application that allows the user to add or remove views in run time. Remember how we will accomplish this task? We first have to remove all constraints in the relative area and update them all over again. Or remember the case where you implement the sign-in / sign-up view, you add many text fields and manually set constraints between those views. In such situations, UIStackView appears to be more useful than other views.

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