Advanced iOS Concurrency: Async Operations [2]

In the previous post, Advanced iOS Concurrency: Operations, we walked through the Operation concepts on iOS and made a demo application that fetches some posts of mine. After downloading the cover images, they will be applied to a simple filter, then be displayed in a table view. The application, however, has not been completed yet. There’s something that went wrong with our app making the app did not show downloaded images properly. In this tutorial, we will continue where we left off.
Get ready!

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Advanced iOS Concurrency: Operations [1]

There are two techniques to deal with Concurrency in iOS: GCD - Grand Central Dispatch and Operations. Most of the time, GCD provides most of the concurrency capabilities you need. Yet, sometimes you’ll want some extra advanced customizations. It’s time to use Operations. This tutorial will introduce Operations in Swift, also explain when and why we use Operation instead of GCD.
Let’s switch the gears!

There is a big gap between knowing the path and walking through the path.

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