Integrate Google Sign In on MacOS App in Swift

As an iOS developer, you might have chances to write applications on Mac os. And sometimes, your applications require users to authenticate before they can use your app. Enabling Google Sign in helps you save a lot of time to implement authentication flow. Unfortunately, it is a lack of documentation on how to integrate Google Sign in on Macos app, particularly in Swift. I once had a chance to implement this feature to my app. Now I want to share with you how we can do it. Let’s get started.

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Crash early in Swift

Last night, I read a chapter of a book as one of my favorite books: "The pragmatic programmer" (By Andrew Hunt and David Thomas). This chapter discusses how to use assertion to make the code easier for debugging. We all know that assertion is an essential tool for writing tests, but It does more than that. Let’s go with me to meet this guy: Assertion.

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ANCS: Apple Notification Center Service


ANCS, stands for Apple Notification Center Service, is designed by Apple. It allows Bluetooth accessories that connect to iOS devices via BLE a simple way to access notifications that happend on iOS devices.

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Big Endian vs Little Endian

In computer science, a bit is the smallest piece of information. It represents a digit of the binary numeral system. A string of 8 bits called a byte. There are two ways to store a string of data in computers: Big Endian and Little Endian. If your tasks are working with data in a piece of bytes, you ought to know how to deal with bytes in these two formats. In this post, I will explain how data is stored in computers, what are the main differences between these two, then provide some useful code to work with bytes in Swift and Objective-C.

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Asynchronous Programming in Swift

Promise Kit, one of the best frameworks to deal with asynchronous programming in Swift

In this post, I will use these following third parties to complete the project:

  • Alamofire: A HTTP networking framework in Swift.
  • SwiftyJSON: To process JSON data.
  • SwiftGifOrigin: An UIImage extension to display Gif files.
  • Bolts-Swift: Was designed by Parse and Facebook, I use it to create asynchronous methods.
  • PromiseKit: A framework helps us to simplify asynchronous programming.
  • Giphy’s APIs for searching and downloading gif images.
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Swift Summit conference in San Francisco 2017

Swift Summit Conference 2017 was held at the Palace Of Fine Arts, San Francisco, which is one of ten palaces at the heart of the Panama-Pacific Exhibition. At the conference, Swift developers from around the world shared new knowledge, tools and ideas on iOS platform and Swift language.

Image 1. I was there, at the Swift Summit conference 2017
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