I’m Uy Nguyen.
I’m a Software Engineer, creating awesome and effective softwares to serve people around the world.
Let’s start scrolling and learn more about me.


University of Science - Vietnam National University
Bachelor in Software Engineering, GPA 8.85 / 10.0
Thesis: Question and Answer system integrated with an online IDE.
This system allows users to create projects, build, run and debug applications online with an IDE that supports three majors programming languages: C/C++, C#, and Java. If there are any problems while development, users can post questions linked to their projects, other members will help them to solve the problems by answering the questions directly. By using this system, users will not have to spend time installing IDEs on their computers and reducing debugging time thanks to the help of the community.


Clue: Construction Management

Clue App allows users to control equipment and construction projects in a single platform; generate real-time insights and performance reports to maximize the productivity of the operation.
Link to App Store (React Native)
Link to Google Play (React Native)

Software Development Kit – Fossil Group

The Fossil App is the companion app for Fossil’s line of smartwatches. Receive alerts from your favorite contacts and apps, compare multiple time zones and track everything from steps to sleep through the app. Turn your smartwatch into a remote control with customizable buttons that can control your music, check your commute time and more.
As a Device Integration Engineer, I develop an SDK built in Bluetooth Low Energy technology in iOS. The SDK lets the application communicate with smartwatches or trackers.
Link to App Store (iOS Native, Swift / Objective-C, CoreBluetooth)

Dark Hat (Side project)

An iOS BLE tool written in Swift supports test and control BLE devices.
Link to App Store (iOS Native, Swift)

Ayobody (Side project)

Fitness social app connects users to Personal Nutrition Coach.
Provide Personal Meal Plan: Craft a personal nutrition plan, get recommendations and track progress of users.
Link to App Store (React Native)
Link to Google Play (React Native)

HTVC Calendar (Side project)

HTV Calendar was built in React Native. It provides information of TV shows and events in Vietnam every day. It also allows users to add/edit/remove personal notes including notification feature.
Link to App Store (React Native)
Link to Google Play (React Native)

News Market (Side project)

News Market is the place to sell news between news hunters and media channels or newspapers.
Website (ReactJs): http://chotintuc.htvc.com.vn

Link to App Store (iOS Native, Swift)
Link to Google Play (Android Native, Kotlin)

Working Experiences:

  • Senior Software Engineer at CLUE
    Clue app allows users to manage construction projects and equipment by providing real-time insights in one platform.
    Detailed achievements:

    • Develop Clue application in React Native.
    • Build a native Bluetooth module to track equipment using BLE.
    • Work directly with CTO and Product Owner to research new features.
    • Support to develop web app in React and back-end side in Python.
  • Device Integration Engineer at Fossil Vietnam - Misfit
    Design and implement software components to talk with Misfit/Fossil smartwatches, trackers and other wearable products.
    Detailed achievements:

    • Develop advanced services and SDK (Software Development Kit) on iOS platform to work with Bluetooth Low Energy in Swift and Objective-C.
    • Build iOS apps to demonstrate SDK’s functions.
    • Analyzing and solving problems of the SDK by using Fabric, Firebase.
    • Build an automation testing system: Support create test cases and run them automatically, then report the result in NodeJs and ReactJs.
    • Continuously investigate new technologies and new frameworks to improve the library
  • Former internship, Full stack developer, taembe.com
    Work with NodeJs and ReactJs.
    Detailed achievements:

    • Work on implementing features and improving the back-end side in NodeJs.
    • Work on Implementing and maintaining the front-end code in ReactJs.
    • Work with database in CouchDB, PouchDB and MySQL.
  • Former internship at Renesas Design Vietnam
    Work on embedded system and embedded architecture.
    Detailed achievements:

    • Develop and verify eight modules of RX chip series: I2C Bus Interface, CRC Calculator,
      D/A Converter, Data Operation Circuit, Data Transfer Controller, 8 Bit Timer, Compare Match Timer, Clock Frequency Accuracy Measurement Circuit.

Technical Stacks:

  • Solid computer science fundamentals with good knowledge of algorithms, data structure and design patterns.
  • Proficiency in mobile development: React Native, iOS (Swift) and Android (Kotlin)
  • Deep understanding of memory management and multi-threading, including GCD, blocks and dispatch queues.
  • Familiar with iOS SDKs (UIKit, Cocoa Touch, Core Data, Core Location, Core Bluetooth). Deep understanding of RESTful API designs.
  • Experience building web apps in NodeJs, ReactJs, and Python.
  • Familiarity with continuous integration (Jenkins), application monitoring (Firebase, Sentry). Experience developing applications on EC2.
  • Familiar with Alatsian, Jira and Agile software development.